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By Sohail Sawlani

Going Green: United Airlines to Become First Airline to Fly Commercially With 100% Sustainable Fuel

BREAKING NEWS | Chicago, 1st December 2021 | In partnership with Boeing, Virent and World Energy, United Airlines will perform the first ever fully-packed flight with sustainable fuel (SAF). The airline has convinced Microsoft, Visa and many others to purchase 7.1 million gallons of SAF through the Eco-Skies Alliance. The airline is committed to purchasing twice the size of SAF as compared to others.

Today, a demonstration flight, fully operated by SAF, will depart from Chicago's O Hare Airport at 1PM local time and land shortly after at Washington DC's Reagan National Airport on flight UAL 2709. It will be operated by a 3-month-old Boeing 737 MAX 8, delivered in August this year.

United CEO Scott Kirby, who will fly onboard today's historic SAF flight stated:

Today's SAF flight is not only a significant milestone for efforts to decarbonize our industry, but when combined with the surge in commitments to produce and purchase alternative fuels, we're demonstrating the scalable and impactful way companies can join together and play a role in addressing the biggest challenge of our lifetimes.

United Airlines will operate a 100% Sustainable Fueled flight today. | © United Airlines

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