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By Sohail Sawlani

Boar-ing Takeoff: Turboprop Hits 3 Wild Boars Upon Departure.

Yesterday, a Sita Air turboprop Dornier Do-228 collided with 3 wild boars upon departure at Nepalgunj Airport, bound for Simkot, Humla. At the crack of dawn, flight accelerated off the runway. However, the pilots spotted 3 wild boars on the runway and aborted the landing. Inevitably, the aircraft collided with the boars and sustained damage. All 17 passengers and crew escaped untouched, but, sadly, all of the boars passed away due to impact.

The aircraft is a 32-year-old Dornier Do-228, with registration of 9N-AHB. Surprisingly, the very same aircraft previously experienced a major incident a couple of years ago, on 1 June 2013. The aircraft had a landing incident with 7 passengers and crew onboard, skidding off the runway and severely damaging the fuselage.

About Sita Air:

Sita Air is a well-known airline in Nepal, founded in 2003. The airline is based in Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal. As of now, the airline only has a fleet of 4 Dornier Do-228 aircraft and is notoriously known for its incidents in Lukla, the world 's most dangerous airport due to its location.

Weirdly, this is not the only incident this week that involved the death of an animal due to airplane collision. Earlier this week, an airplane hit a deer in Russia. Click below to view the article. Click me!

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