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By Sohail Sawlani

Japan Advises Airlines To Stop Accepting New Flight Bookings Until The End of This Month.

Japan, 1 December 2021 | The Japanese government has advised all international airlines to stop allowing new bookings on flights to Japan until January next year. This comes after Japan reports its 2nd COVID-19 case of the Omicron strain, from a traveller.

Those who have already booked a flight, do not worry! Flights that have already been booked will still go on as usual. If there is not enough passengers, the airline will make the needed arrangements. Also, do note that this is not mandated and is simply a request to all international airlines. For airlines who have decided to adhere to Japan's decision, bookings would close soon. So far, at the time of writing, there has been no response from airlines.

Despite Japan's greatest efforts, they have no choice but to do this as Omicron is very dangerous and it is not viable to take the risk. Earlier, Japan had tightened its already strict border control measures, barring non-Japanese citizens from 12 southern African nations from entering the country. Nonetheless, cases were still reported.

Japan advises airlines to close bookings for any flights to Japan until next year. | © Sohail Sawlani, Planeopedia

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