By Sohail Sawlani

New A380 Operator: Startup Global Airlines Purchases the Superjumbo

May 30, 2023

UK, 30 MAY | New UK-based startup airline, Global Airlines is set to operate the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft- the Airbus A380! Early next year, the airline aims to operate the superjumbo on transatlantic flights from London to the United States. The airline seems to be very confident in their idea, and has therefore purchased, not leased, one of the type from Doric Aviation, at an estimated value between 70 to 200 million USD.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines began to rapidly retire the jumbo jet due to its inefficiency, and it did not seem to have a second-hand market at the time. However, as the peak of the pandemic is before us, dominant A380 customers such as Emirates have been turning a profit- sparking interest in the type again.

Global Airlines will retrofit the type to provide "the best experience in the sky today". According to data, the third-hand jet they have purchased is ex-Singapore Airlines 9V-SKC, delivered in 2008 and ex-Hi Fly Malta preighter which was recently retired from the fleet. According to Doric Aviation, the airline is also interested in more of the jets.

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Sources: SimpleFlying,

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