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By Sohail Sawlani

Frontier Airlines to Launch 13 New Routes This Month.

American budget airline, Frontier Airlines, is set to launch 13 new routes this month from Orlando, with 12 of them launching this week. This is a very big expansion for Frontier, offering the most direct routes of any airline in the city. This will also help with the busy winter season as families visit their loved ones.

On Monday, flights from Orlando to Fort Myers, Harligen, Pensacola, Sioux Falls and Bentonville launched, with flights almost every day

On Tuesday, two more routes launched, including: Orlando to Montego Bay and Nassau, with 3-4 flights weekly. Today, they also launched flights to El Paso, with 2 flights weekly.

On Thursday and Friday, flights from Orlando to Cedar Rapids, Fargo, Cozumel and San Salvador will launch with 2 flights a week. Flights to Cozumel, however, only fly once weekly, on Saturday.

Finally, on November 11th, flights to Liberia, Costa Rica will launch and fly twice weekly. In December, more destinations from Orlando will launch, including Antigua & Barbuda, Belize City and Caicos only on Saturdays.

Now you may ask, why is Frontier doing this? Well, Orlando is one of the biggest leisure getaways in America as it has major attractions such as Disney World and others. Also, in winter, the weather is warmer in Orlando, so Americans tend to go there.

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