By Sohail Sawlani

British Airways to Return the A380 to Singapore

August 1, 2023

LONDON, 1 AUG | British Airways will reinstate the Airbus A380 on their London-Heathrow to Singapore service from Sunday, 31 March 2024 onwards, sources claim. The 'King' of the Skies will make its return on route BA11/BA12 next year.

The route is currently operated by Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and high demand has likely led to the upgrade to the double deckered A380. The A380 has flown to Singapore before on daily occasions but the route got downgraded as a result of COVID-19's impacts. As of August 2023, the airline has 12 of the type in the fleet, with no intent for an early retirement.

However, some are concerned if the aircraft change should be considered an upgrade. Currently, the aircraft operating on the Singapore route (777) has the latest Club Suite product, while the A380 has a lower-quality premium cabin, with delays meaning that British Airways is unsure if it will happen soon or not. On the other hand, Economy passengers will be able to enjoy the more spacious cabin and exhilarating views from the world's largest passenger aircraft when this change goes through next year. After all, who does not love the thrill of being on an Airbus A380?

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Source: London Air Travel

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