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By Sohail Sawlani

Alaska Airlines Cancels Its Airbus A320neo Order.

As Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America, the airline inherited an order for 30 Airbus A320neo aircraft. This resulted into a mix of aircraft fleet as Virgin America had an all-Airbus fleet while they had an all-Boeing fleet.

So, it was seen that they decided to cancel the order for 30 Airbus A320neo aircraft as it is no longer in their detailed order book. They aim to center around the Boeing 737MAX, which is newer and more efficient. The airline now has no more Airbus aircraft on order. Now you may ask, why didn't they cancel this order earlier? Well, because of the issues with the Boeing 737MAX and the COVID-19 pandemic, it was too risky, so they waited for the situation to cool down.

About Alaska Airlines:

Alaska Airlines is a major airline in America, based in the Seattle area. The airline is 89 years old, founded on April 14, 1932 as McGee Airways. The airline used to operate an all-Boeing fleet prior to the absorption of Virgin America's fleet.

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