By Sohail Sawlani

Air India Express To Take Delivery of First 737 MAX Soon

September 9, 2023

Boeing Field (BFI), 9 SEP | Air India Express is highly speculated to take delivery of their first of many Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets later this month. Earlier, a 737 MAX assigned to the airline touched down in Boeing Field, Seattle with the Indian flag next to its test registration. Its nosewheel also indicated the letters " BXA ", revealing its registration. According to various sources such as and Aviation Flights, the aircraft is confirmed to be VT-BXA, the very first 737 MAX destined to the Indian carrier.

The aircraft was originally destined for Shanghai Airlines but was eventually not taken up by the airline. The airframe had since been kept in storage in San Antonio (in May 2019) before returning out in January 2023. As of September 2023, the airframe is already 4.3 years old despite never entering service.

Since it had performed its 2nd flight after storage yesterday, the aircraft is very close to delivery with the airline- which was originally scheduled to be in September this year. While the aircraft is not in the brand-new Air India livery yet, it only takes around 2 weeks to do so, which still makes it possible for a delivery later this month.

It has also been reported that the airline will retain their signature, unique tail art for every single airframe in the Air India Express- hopefully applying to the MAX too, once their new "Air India X" livery is revealed.

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- Aviation Flights
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